Super Mario Lost Levels

Who didn’t love Mario Bros? When it first came out, people went crazy. I remembered being a kid when the first Nintendo arrived home. My brother and I used to take turns. However, as I was the youngest sibling, I always had to play with Luigi. Then, the saga came. Mario Bros grew and new games appeared. It was the year 1986 when Super Mario lost levels first came out. Its release was originally in Japan. The rumor regarding this game is that it was impossible to play. The game didn’t make it very far and, in fact, it was only sold in Europe. Where it didn’t have a lot of success either.

The game went to die where the video games nobody play die. However, this century’s nostalgia has made some gamers rescue it from its death and it is back. These are great news for video games fans and nostalgics as I. I immediately tried the game and all I can tell you is that playing the original 8-bit Mario platform game, after thirty years, is such an amazing experience.  

It is true that the game is difficult but it quickly becomes easier as you play. You will need, though, some expertise to see the most of it.